Beauty Design Awards was created to celebrate the most amazing and beautifully designed beauty products. We look at thousands of brands and products to find the ones that really stand out and have that little extra. In addition to celebrating the best packaging we are also looking at the products and beauty brands as a whole. After all design does not just involve the packaging, it's also the formulation, texture and scent.

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There are so many amazing beauty brands out there that are creating really awesome products that are not getting seen as much as we think they should. We want to spotlight and promote brands that are creating better products in a more thoughtful way. We want to help these brand take market share away from big corporations so that we can create a better future.




Photo of Jennifer Carlsson, blue hair and pastel clothes



Jennifer Carlsson


Hello! I'm the founder of Beauty Design Awards. I'm 29 years old and I live in Stockholm Sweden and I'm a brand strategy and sustainability consultant for beauty brands. I also design packaging. When I'm not doing that I spend most of my time building a database of beauty brands, gathering info about brands, products, retailers and much more.


While searching the web for more brands and products to add to my database I keep finding more new brands that are so cool and I wanted to put a spotlight on some of the most awesome brands and products I'm finding. I'm autistic and this is a big special interest of mine, I also have an eidetic memory so I remember most of what's in my database. Which really helps in a lot of ways while working on the award.

I really appreciate everyone that is supporting the award by participating in any way. From the brands that send products to anyone that shares the award on social media.

Your are all helping this little non-binary disabled beauty enthusiast move a few steps closer to my humble dream of taking on the system. Thank you!