Photo of banana moisturizer from glow recipe, the jar is open and tilted onto the lid, showing the smooth light yellow cream that looks like custard. the surface its on is yellow and there are bananas in the background.
Beauty Design Awards Winner 2020


Photo of the banana moisturizer from glow recipe, a round clear glass jar with a yellow plastic lid.

Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream

$39 | 50 ml

Cruelty Free | Vegan

This sweet little moisturizer from Glow Recipe has a really nice rounded glass jar with a smooth straight lid in a just right banana yellow lid with the clear glass showing the slightly paler cream inside is such a treat.


Sarah Lee and Christine Chang


"We believe skincare should be fun. Unexpected sensorial textures, colorful packaging, and innovative ingredients are our thing.

Whether you’re looking to have your own solo self-care moment, or bond with friends over a masking session, your skincare routine should make you feel stimulated and inspired."

Based in USA
Produced in South Korea
Founded 2017
Cruelty Free