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Beauty Design Awards 2023 Criteria

Beauty Design Awards 2023 Criteria

Beauty Design Awards 2023 Criteria

Welcome to the fourth annual Beauty Design Awards, where we give a spotlight and celebrates the best the beauty industry has to offer.

Our criteria for 2023 have undergone a nuanced update to encompass the evolving dynamics of the beauty industry. From Packaging Design to Formulation and beyond, each criterion represents a cornerstone that is critical for a product’s commercial and social success. These pillars transcend aesthetics and functionality, encapsulating value, ethics, and creativity, among other attributes. We try to take a holistic approach overall.


We encourage you to explore the criteria that underpin the Beauty Design Awards. These benchmarks serve not only to celebrate the standout products but also to guide and inspire both established and emerging brands in the creation of future beauty essentials.

Factors Judged:

Let’s spend the day together - Sun Cream Body SPF 30 - v.sun - sunscreen Winner 2021

1. Packaging Design

We evaluate the visual and tactile appeal of the product’s packaging. Attention is given to the balance of aesthetics and functionality, as well as the overall presentation. Innovative use of materials, typography, and shape contribute to the final score. Packaging should not just be beautiful, but also serve the pragmatic needs of preserving the product and aiding in its use. While the primary packaging is more highly weighted in the judgement, we also consider the design of the secondary packaging.

Key Point: Well designed packaging is important.

Living Cleansing Balm - Then I met you - Cleanser Winner 2020

2. Multi-Sensory Formulation Experience

We evaluate how the product engages the senses upon immediate use, specifically focusing on sight, smell, and touch. Qualities such as the texture, scent, and absorption rate of the product are assessed. Factors like immediate skin feel and overall sensory comfort upon application are also considered.

Note: While the sensory aspects are thoroughly reviewed, it’s important to clarify that the long-term effectiveness and skincare benefits of the product is not part of the evaluation.

Key Point: We look at the formulations sensorial aspects and how it feels when applied.

For Face Sake - Boring Without You - facemask Winner 2022

3. Ease of Use

We evaluate the product based on how easy and intuitive it is for the consumer to use. Factors like the design of the packaging, ease of application, and clarity of instructions are all considered to gauge how user-friendly the product is.

In addition to these aspects, we also focus on how a product can simplify a consumer’s beauty routine. This could be through multi-functional use or products that offer multiple application methods.

Key Point: The product should be easy to use.

Mango Body Butter -Hanahzo - body moisturizer Winner 2020

4. Sustainability

Products are rated on their environmental impact, including the sustainability of the ingredients, the recyclability of packaging, and the company’s overall eco-friendly practices. Extra points may be awarded for innovative solutions like refillable packaging or waterless formulations.

An added focus is on plastic-free packaging. Brands that make a concerted effort to minimize their environmental footprint by opting for alternatives to plastic will be especially noted. The aim is to acknowledge products that meaningfully contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the beauty industry.

Key Point: We rate plastic free products or products with minimal plastic higher.

Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream - Glow Recipe - moisturizer winner 2020

5. Congruence: Holistic Experience

Here, the alignment between the product design, formulation, and overall brand mission is assessed. We look for a seamless integration where each element complements the other, culminating in a harmonious user experience that aligns with the brand’s values and messaging.

Key Point: The product should make sense.

Brilliance Serum - 8 Faces - serum Winner 2022

6. Value for Price

This metric evaluates whether the product delivers performance and experience commensurate with its price point. More expensive products are expected to offer superior functionality, longer-lasting effects, or novel experiences that justify their higher cost.

Key Point: If the price is higher we have higher expectations.

Conditioner Bar - Rosewater & Jasmine - Dip - Haircare Winner 2022

7. Innovation

We will assess the originality the product brings to the market. This could range from a groundbreaking formulation, new application technology, or a novel approach to addressing specific beauty concerns that haven’t been adequately resolved by existing products.

Key Point: Innovation is cool.

Sunday - Arielle Shoshana - fragrance finalist 2021

8. Creativity, Novelty, Newness

We look for products that push the boundaries of what’s expected in beauty. We look for novel textures, unexpected scents, or new ways of product application that deviate from the norm in an exciting and meaningful way.

Key Point: Since we look at literally 1000's of products we know what's been done before.

Bloom Jelly Serum Bar - Dew Mighty - serum Winner 2021

9. Ethical Business Practices

Lastly, we look at brand’s ethical integrity, focusing on fair labour practices and ethical sourcing of ingredients. The evaluation extends to the brand’s overall social responsibility, including community engagement and initiatives aimed at positive social impact. The objective is to spotlight brands that substantiate their ethical claims through transparent actions and responsible conduct.

Key Point: Products from brands with ethical business practices are more likely to be included.

Hope this helps with understanding the products we select as finalists and winners! Don't forget to vote on this years finalists!

//Jennifer Carlsson

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