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Beauty Design Awards celebrate the best of design in the beauty industry. 2023 is our fourth year running the award. This award does not just take packaging design into account, we judge the products from presentation to formulation. Our overarching aim is to gauge how these multifaceted factors come together to shape the holistic experience of using the product. We looked at literally thousands of products from all over the world to find these winners.


Participation in Beauty Design Awards is completely free! We want to celebrate the best in the industry and not the best of whoever paid a fee. No brands included as finalists or winners have paid anything to be included (we also don’t charge for using the award icon or anything else) and were selected for their own merit. We also do not use any affiliate links since we consider it a conflict of interest. At most brands have sent their products, which we are very grateful for! Though even then most finalists are found by us. We only care about finding and highlighting the best products out there.


The winners are picked by Beauty Design Awards, with the exception for the consumer choice category, which was decided by open vote. The award is founded and lead by beauty industry market research specialist Jennifer Carlsson.


We’re very excited to now share with you the Beauty Design Awards 2023 Winners.

Brand of the year
Photo of flower knows Moonlight Mermaid collection, makeup products with intricate silver mermaid details on crystal style background


Flower Knows has become one of my personal favorite makeup brands and I’m not alone on this considering their amazing performance on both Instagram and TikTok this year. Flower Knows is a Chinese makeup brand founded by dynamic duo Yang Zifeng & Zhou Tiancheng in 2016. The brand has been incredibly successful and has grown in popularity all over the world in the last years.


The brand is known for their incredibly intricate and completely adorable packaging. Each of their collections has it’s own cute theme. But it’s not just the packaging that makes this brand stand out, their formulations are also a standout. Every product really feels like a special little treasure. We’re excited to make Flower Knows the Brand of the Year Winner 2023.

flower knows logo
An ornate eyeshadow palette from Flower Knows with a moonlight mermaid theme. The case features intricate gold detailing with a celestial design on a pastel sky background. It houses five shades: two purples, a sparkly pink, a shimmering white, and a matte brown.
New Brand of the Year


We are concentrate shampoo and conditioner aluminum tubes with baby pink and lavender colors

With the flood of brands launching every year we're always excited to see brands that come with a set of strong hero products with sustainability in focus. We Are Concentrate is a UK brand that offer exactly what the name implies, concentrated Shampoo and Conditioner, with a lovely coconut and vanilla fragrance served in a cute pastel aluminum tube.


We want to see more brands like this so that's why We Are Concentrate is Beauty Design Awards 2023 New Brand of the Year.

we are concentrate shampoo and conditioner aluminum tubes in baby pink and lavender standing up beside secondary packaging boxes on mint green background.
We Are Concentrate logo
A tube of We Are Concentrate conditioner with a soft lavender hue and the text 'CONDITIONER CONCENTRATE' down the side, for all hair types, with a coconut and vanilla fragrance.
Doing Good Brand of the Year 2022



Oquist cosmetics terracotta packaging in white
6-in-1 Anti Aging Serum from Oquist Cosmetics, ceramic packaging in off white standing on moss in the forest

To me Oquist Cosmetics is the quintessential Eco Luxe Beauty Brand. Oquist Cosmetics is a Swedish brand founded by Olga Ringquist. They use terracotta sculptures as packaging for their luxurious waterless skincare products. All products I’ve tried from the brand are a sensorial delight. Considering the generous amount you get for each product, often double or triple the standard sizes, making them relatively affordable. The terracotta packaging comes in different color options (babes love color options) and without visible branding making it an elegant piece to display in your home. We hope to see more carefully considered slow beauty brands like this in the future. We congratulate Oquist on being the Doing Good Brand of the Year 2023!

oquist cosmetics
Oquist Cosmetics 6-in-1 Anti Aging Elixir, sculptural bottle made out of terracotta with glossy glace in a baby pink to baby blue gradient


Foile logo
Milky Emulsion Cleanser, wavey shaped white glass packaging with embossed foile logo on tile backaground
Foile logo





 A semi-transparent white glass bottle of Foile Milky Emulsion Cleanser, with a simplistic design and a neutral cap, conveying a pure and contemporary skincare aesthetic.
The Foile Milky Emulsion Cleanser box is a cream-colored packaging with a clean, minimalist design listing key ingredients like Rice Powder, Chamomile, and Matcha, and a clear indication of its 50ml volume.


Milky Emulsion Cleanser



Milky Emulsion Cleanser


The Foile Milky Emulsion Cleanser is a botanical-based facial cleanser designed to purify and regenerate the skin for a softer, more radiant complexion. Its unique milky emulsion texture offers a delicate yet effective cleansing experience. The formulation includes Rice Powder, which serves to lightly exfoliate the skin. Additional key ingredients like Meadowfoam are included to balance the skin's oils. Gotu Kola supports collagen production, while antioxidant-rich Matcha is aimed at enhancing overall skin health. Together, these components work in synergy to remove impurities and nourish the skin, aligning with the product's dual function of cleansing and hydrating.

Foile Milky Emulsion Cleanser –  Texture Shot
Clay And Glow logo
Clay And Glow
Clay And Glow logo


A frosted glass jar with an uncolored base and a mint green cap, labeled Clay And Glow Avocado Moisturizing Mask, emphasizing its hydrating properties with a capacity of 80 grams.
Clay And Glow Avocado Moisturizing Mask secondary packaging, box with pink to mint green gradient and avocado pattern

Clay And Glow

Avocado Moisturizing Mask


Clay and Glow Avocado Moisturizing Mask stacked on top of each other with the rich texture on the face mask on the lids

Avocado Moisturizing Mask


A hydrating facial mask featuring avocado extract for moisture replenishment. Specifically engineered to combat dryness, this mask aims to deeply nourish the skin. It integrates a selection of natural ingredients to support a smooth and radiant complexion, offering an optimal solution for maintaining skin hydration.

Clay And Glow Avocado Moisturizing Mask texture shot
Iris & Romeo
Iris & Romeo
Two Iris & Romeo serum spray bottles labeled "The Reset - Luminous Hyaluronic Serum Spray" in a minimalist white design, positioned on a natural stone surface.
Iris & Romeo logo