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Frequently asked questions


What products are eligible?

Products are eligible for Beauty Design Awards if they:

  • are from an eligible brand
  • are cruelty free
  • have not been selected as a finalist previous years
  • are sold in 2021
Products can be nominated by anyone.

What brands are eligible?

To us good design also involves your product being created in a good way, that's why we consider being cruelty free a baseline minimum that every brand should live up. Brands that test on animals, let others test on animals on their behalf or is owned by a parent company tests on animals do not qualify for Beauty Design Awards. Other than that any cosmetics brand can be nominated for Beauty Design Awards as long as they have products that qualify for the categories.

How can my brand participate in the awards?

As a brand you can send your products to us for consideration. You can also fill out the brand interest form. All finalists are chosen by Beauty Design Awards.

Anyone is welcome to nominate specific products thru the product nomination form. You can both nominate your own products or products that you like. Getting nominated more than once does not increase your chances of being chosen.

What does it cost to participate in Beauty Design Awards?

Participation in Beauty Design Awards is completely free! We want to celebrate the best in the industry and not the best of whoever paid a fee. Since there is no fee we do however really appreciate if brands can send their products so we can more properly judge the winners.

Since all brands that are finalists are eligible for our awards to the brand of the year, new brand of the year and 'doing good for the planet' brand of the year you are very welcome to send additional products to help us make a better judgement.

Can I send products to Beauty Design Awards?

Yes! We welcome all cosmetics products that you would like to send for consideration for the awards. You can send products any time of the year, for example if you are releasing a new product. We appreciate if you send us an email or message so we know to expect your package. Since Finalists are announced in October we encourage you to send products for consideration well before then.

Where do I send my products?

As of now all products sent to us is handled by the senior project manager Jennifer Carlsson. Send to this adress:

Jennifer Carlsson Södra Jordbrovägen 177 13762 Jordbro Sweden tel: 0708779505 email:

When will the Beauty Design Awards 2021 Finalist be announced?

The Beauty Design Awards 2021 Finalists will be announced in October.

When will the Beauty Design Awards 2021 Winners be announced?

All the winners of Beauty Design Awards 2021 will be announced before the end of December.