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  • What is Beauty Design Awards?
    Beauty design awards celebrates the best of design in the beauty industry. 2024 will be our fifth year running the award. The award is founded and lead by the beauty brand expert Jennifer Carlsson.
  • What does Beauty Design Awards look for?
    When deciding on the finalist and later winners for Beauty Design Awards we look for products that bring the packaging and formulation together to create a great user experience. Everything about the product is created intentionally by design. The packaging should not just be pretty, other factors that are also considered are usability, sustainability, innovation and novelty. For the formulation we look at texture, color, scent and how the product feels when applied. We do not judge effectiveness past what can be seen by eye at application. We focus on how all these factors come together to create the holistic experience of using the product. You can find a more detailed breakdown of what we look for here.
  • Who picks the finalists and winners?
    The finalists and winners are picked by Beauty Design Awards, with exception for the consumer favorite category which all finalist products are eligible for.
  • When do submissions for Beauty Design Awards 2024 close?
    Submission close August 31st 2024. If you're sending products for consideration please send them before this data to make sure they get here in time.
  • When will the Beauty Design Awards 2024 Finalist be announced?
    The Beauty Design Awards 2024 Finalists will be announced in October.
  • When will the Beauty Design Awards 2024 Winners be announced?
    All the winners of Beauty Design Awards 2024 will be announced before the end of December.
  • What brands are eligible?
    To us good design also involves your product being created in a good way, that's why we consider being cruelty free a baseline minimum that every brand should live up. Brands that test on animals, let others test on animals on their behalf or is owned by a parent company tests on animals do not qualify for Beauty Design Awards. Other than that any cosmetics brand can be nominated for Beauty Design Awards as long as they have products that qualify for the categories.
  • What products are eligible?
    Products are eligible for Beauty Design Awards if they: are from an eligible brand are cruelty free have not been selected as a finalist previous years are sold in 2024
  • What Products Should I Send?
    You're welcome to send any of your products, usually brands will send their top products or their latest products. If you have not been previously featured in Beauty Design Awards including some of your earlier best hits is a good idea. You're also very welcome to ask and we will be happy to tell which of your products we think might be the most relevant for the award.
  • How can my brand participate in the awards?
    If you are a brand founder, work for a brand, represent a brand or in any other way directly affiliated with a brand you can fill out the brand interest form and send your product for consideration.
  • What does it cost to participate in Beauty Design Awards?
    Participation in Beauty Design Awards is completely free! It also costs nothing at all to display the award icon on your website and social media if you win. We want to celebrate the best in the industry and not the best of whoever paid a fee. We only care about finding and highlighting the best products out there. Since there is no fee we do however really appreciate brands sending their products.
  • Can I send products to Beauty Design Awards?
    Yes! We welcome all cosmetics products that you would like to send for consideration for the awards. You can send products any time of the year, for example if you are releasing a new product. We appreciate if you send us an email or message so we know to expect your package. For brands sending products for consideration sending one of each SKU you wish to be considered is enough. Since Finalists are announced in October we encourage you to send products for consideration well before then. Sending your product does not guarantee becoming a finalist, but we promise that we look at and try every product that get's sent to us.
  • When should I send my products?
    For beauty design awards 2024 we are continuously trying out products all year leading up to the finalists being announced in October. Because of this you are welcome to send your products at any time. Selection of the finalists will already start in August and be finalized before the end of September. The best period to send your products is from February to July
  • Where do I send my products?
    All products sent to us is handled by the senior project manager Jennifer Carlsson. We ask that you fill out the shipping forms with the production cost of the products as the value, not the retail price. Send to this adress: Jennifer Carlsson Södra Jordbrovägen 177 13762 Jordbro Sweden tel: 0708779505 email:
  • Can winners use an award icon on their website/social media?
    Yes you can! We encourage it actually. It does not cost anything and retailers are also welcome to display the icon on winning products. You can find the assets on the media kit page and if you have any questions about this you're welcome to email us.
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