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To continue keeping Beauty Design Awards free to participate in we have decided to take on sponsors for 2023. We want our award to celebrate the best the Beauty Industry has to offer and not just pick the best from the brands that decided to pay us.

We take care to not take any sponsors that would pose a conflict of interest for the award. Sponsors have no editorial input on Beauty Design Awards. We only work with sponsors that align with our values and the we can feel proud to promote.

Interested in sponsoring Beauty Design Awards? Send us an email and we'll provide further information.



The Tools You Need to Win at Retail


Accelerated Analytics is the ultimate platform to run your Beauty business using real-time sales and inventory insights. Trusted by Beauty brands across the globe including Coty, Bubble, Dolce & Gabbana, the Body Shop and Future Beauty.  


Accelerated Analytics is a SaaS platform that aggregates and transforms multiple data sources ( EDI 852, POS and online inventory data) into insightful reports. The platform enables sales leaders and their teams to make in-the-moment decisions on their inventory, sales and promotions. Accelerated Analytics empowers you and your teams with powerful insights that help you grow.

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