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Photo of the mango body butter both in the paper wrapping and the cardboard packaging that goes outside that.



A mango body butter wrapped in paper that makes it look like a package of butter.

Mango Body Butter

$26 | 100 g

Cruelty Free | Vegan

This design is so fun and lovely. The solid mango body butter is wrapped in paper with a cardboard around it that easily is ripped off in sections as you use up more of the bar and then it can be placed inside another cardboard package that it fits perfectly inside. Every layer looks just perfect.

Photo of soap from hanahzo, could not find a photo of the founder.

Cho Han-ah


"The idea starts from what happiness is.

We realized most people look for happiness from afar.

What we really need is now, today and this moment's happiness. 

The Time for oneself, taking off everything.

The time when you can feel warmth with those you love.

We have started creating "Happiness in the bathroom" where it is very close to us. We hope your bathroom where you begin and end your day will be a place where you want to stay longer.

The time in the bathroom to end your exhausting day is where you can forget your anxiety and stress for a moment.

Hanahzo wishes the time in the bathroom to be a sweeter break."

Based and produced in South Korea
Founded 2014


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