Bread Beauty Supply

Bread Beauty Supply


Maeva Heim

Maeva Heim

United States



"BREAD BEAUTY SUPPLY is: here for the essentials. The must-haves. Like bread.

We think you make good hair, and we make good hair products.

We felt there was a need for a brand that would look and think differently for all of it: the curls, fuzz, frizzy bits, bangs, braids, bantu, other bits.

But we don't want haircare to feel forced or chore-like anymore. Haircare should be fun.

So we're starting small, helping you win on wash-day. Our kit 1- wash is the full bread basket, with all the essentials you need for a routine clean. Then we have other things to layer (and layover) between showers, like hair-oil (lip gloss for your strands) and hair-cream (leave-in conditioning and styling for all-over).

Like fresh treats from *that* one local bakery or restocking your signature brand of soy milk, the 'essentials' can be exciting when you know where to look, and when you find what's right for you."